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Welcome to the MISD

Thanks to those who attended our presentation. Here is the presentation with the embedded media. We will continue to add new content as we further develop our project and prepare for the SXSW presentation. We would appreciate your feedback.

In this portal, you will find a rich database of resources to help in developing your video project. Hopefully, you will be able to find information that you can also use with your students as they develop projects for the classroom. Enjoy.

While this staff development opportunity was designed for the teachers of Midlothian ISD, we have opened up the resources for the public to view.

Permission has been given to use all videos included in this course. We have included a copyright chart and links to public domain music and graphics. Please take every measure to ensure copyright and fair use regulations are maintained.

Complete Registration Form by May 11, 2012 and put in Zombie Teacher Project drop box. Remember to save your file with your first and last name before you add your registration form to the drop box. You can use the scanners in the library to get your written form scanned and back to digital.