Lesson Title: Module 1 Zombie Goes to Austin

Summary: In this introductory lesson, explore why this online learning environment was created, how film making can provide engaging, authentic options to cover TEKS, and explore the vocabulary needed in developing quality educational video shorts.

Lesson Contents
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In an attempt to enhance your ability to create dynamic, engaging video shorts for the classroom/educational instruction and/or for student projects, and to explore how film making can become an integral part of your curriculum, we have created this interactive, online learning environment. It is our hope that the information gained here will help you see the value in creating media rich learning opportunities for your students.

All video clips and graphics contained in this online learning environment have been given approval for use by the owners of this intellectual property. In an effort to maintain copyright and fair use policies, we are asking that all music and/or graphics utilized in your videos be either original works or gathered from websites that feature public domain material such as, but not limited to:
Music:FreePlay Music
Graphics:Morgue File

Digital Media and Your TEKSAssignment #1: Explore your TEKS and look for areas in which you could integrate digital media into your curriculum. Click on the Discussion tab above, state your name, grade/subject that you teach and also provide details of your TEKS that could include options for digital media.

Exploring the Vocabulary
Assignment #2: Explore the vocabulary handout provided. Click here for a link to an expanded listing of common digital media terms. After you have looked over the various terms, CLICK HERE to play a game using these terms. This game was created on Super Teacher Tools, a great website for teachers to create a variety of games that can be used for a wide array of activities.

external image ZQcowxFSU=&hostUserAccountID=8dGmu6x0sxc=&isPublic=GauEUTc4qsw=Digital Media and Film Making Vocabulary