Lesson Title: Module 3 Introduction to Storyboarding

Summary: Uncover the real intention for storyboarding and how it will help you in managing your production schedule.

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Storyboarding is the step that allows you to develop your scenes with the use of camera angles, lighting, sound, and special effects you want to use in each of your scenes. This is not your script. It is the sequence of scenes in your video. Below is video which explains this task. We have also included a sample storyboard. While we want you to explore the concept of storyboarding in this module, we don't want you to begin your storyboard until after the next module in which we will present tips and techniques for film making. After exploring this information, you should have a better understanding of utilizing camera angles, shots, lighting, and special effects.

Storyboarding from Mark on Vimeo.
external image ZQcowxFSU=&hostUserAccountID=8dGmu6x0sxc=&isPublic=GauEUTc4qsw=Sample Storyboard

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