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Module 5 Let's Storyboard

It is time to create the storyboard! Learn how to develop a sequence of camera angles, shots, lighting, sound, and other special effects to enhance your video product.

Lesson Contents
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Now that we have introduced the various tips and techniques, it is time to build the storyboard. This is where you will purposefully think about the specific camera angles and shots you want to take. It provides you with an avenue to map out the various lighting and sound effects as well. If this is well-planned, your shooting schedule will be more organized and efficient.external image ZQcowxFSU=&hostUserAccountID=8dGmu6x0sxc=&isPublic=GauEUTc4qsw=Storyboard Template

AssignmentCreate one storyboard per group for your video and have ready by the morning of Zombie to turn at registration or you may scan and put in the drop box prior to registration. If you choose this option, remember to save the document with your first and last name in the title.
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