Lesson Title: Module 6 Putting It All Together
Summary: It's time to reflect on what you've learned.
Lesson Contents

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We have created a resource lesson that is loaded with tutorials for iMovie. Be sure to check them out!

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We found a great blog, Smart Teaching.org, that had a fabulous post, 100 Awesome Classroom Videos to Learn New Teaching Strategies. Below is the list they published:

The Basics
Reading, storytelling, math, and science all get coverage with these videos that show how some **Teaching Storytelling in the Classroom**. Watch children tell stories as a backdrop to educators talking about the storytelling experience.
The Arts
From visual arts to music to drama, these videos will offer suggestions and stimulate creativity when teaching art to your students.
    1. **Footprint dancing at the Nest**. Dance and art combine in this video of children in a sanctuary in Africa. You may want to get your students in on the action.
    2. **Art Works: Integrating Creativity in the Curriculum**. Learn how this arts academy harnesses students’ passion for the arts and directs it to teaching them the basics.
    3. **The Teaching Challenge–Trevor and Simon**. Watch this comedian team step into a British high school drama class and engage the students.
    4. **Teaching Children Philosophy**. Learn from this teacher’s gentle guidance while the students explore the nature of judging beauty.
    5. **Out of This World: Students Take an Eco-Friendly Field Trip to Mars**. This art teacher brings hands-on study of science, math, and history in her classroom for a dynamic experience.
    6. **The Arts in Every Classroom: A Video Library, K-5**. This video library offers several videos of schools across the country using innovative techniques to teach the arts to elementary students.
    7. **Japanese Brush Painting**. This video slide show demonstrates how a middle school class learned Japanese brush painting and what the experience brought to them.
    8. **Reading Film: The Story of Movies**. Learn about this program started by Martin Scorsese and available free of charge to middle school teachers.
    9. **3rd Graders Read Shel Silverstein 2007**. Combining poetry with drama (and there is some drama here), these students have fun with Shel Silverstein poems.
    10. **ART-iculation**. Students explain why art is important in this video they made for a competition. They won first place.
Getting Physical
Movement doesn’t have to be reserved just for PE class. Especially in this time of reduced special area services, incorporating movement in the classroom or in creative ways will put more than just your students’ bodies in motion.
    1. **Student Body: Classroom Exercises Make Learning Lively**. Learn four techniques to use in your classroom to get students focused and re-energized.
    2. **Smart Moves: The New PE**. From zip lining to untying a human knot, find out what new activities for PE are great for both body and mind.
    3. **Martial Arts in Medieval Times**. History and PE meet in this demonstration of fencing. The video has a great soundtrack, too.
    4. **Learning to Breathe: Morning Yoga in Class**. Not technically a video, this slide show demonstrates how one teacher incorporates yoga into her classroom routine to provide movement and mental focus.
    5. **Get out into wilderness and boost your self esteem!** Learn how exercising in the great outdoors can help your students feel better about themselves. This British video is applicable to students on either side of the pond.
    6. **Third Grade Sailing Adventure**. Not every class will be able to replicate this experience, but maybe it will inspire you to create an innovative way to move the lesson out of the classroom and get your students moving.
    7. **Chinese Skipping**. Get your class moving and spelling at the same time. Learn how with this short video clip.
    8. **learning to juggle–Complete sequence**. Find out how to juggle, then teach your students this fun skill that improves eye-hand coordination.
    9. **Contemporary Activities in K-12 Physical Education**. Learn about contemporary activities for PE classes, why they are important for students, and how to assemble your own curriculum in this video series.
    10. **PreK Catching (with Launch Boards) Lesson**. This video describes how to teach young children to catch using launch boards. It even teaches you how to make the launch boards.
Education and Technology
Technology is making its way into classrooms, sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly. Whether you have a plan for using technology in your class or not, these videos will inspire you to think about how you can use the resources available to you.
    1. **Turning on Technology: Ferryway School**. These students combine today’s technology with a field trip to an ironworks to study an old form of technology.
    2. **One Woman’s Wanderings with Web 2.0**. This teacher in New Zealand explains how her school implemented technology in the classrooms.
    3. **Tech in Real Life: Students See Devices as Tools, Not Toys**. Utah students study ecology first hand by measuring water quality in a polluted section of their community.
    4. **Why Let Our Students Blog?** This video slide show answers the question.
    5. **Canadian Kaleidoscope: Brookfield High School**. This Canadian school uses technology to get creative in teaching science, math, choir, and more.
    6. **Inspirations–Refugee Arts**. New students from all over the world come to this London school and use technology to help them learn English as well as how to assimilate into the culture of their new country.
    7. **Going EAST: Student and Teacher POV**. Technology comes to classrooms to allow students to create their own projects. Find out from the students and teachers how this course has enhanced learning.
    8. **No Gamer Left Behind: Virtual Learning Goes to the Next Level**. Students’ experience with video games can be used to help them learn in the classroom. Find out how to use video game technology in your classroom.
    9. **Blogging in the Classroom**. Find out the benefits of blogging and learn how to set up a classroom blog.
    10. **The Virtual Classroom: Online Learning**. Learn how online classes can complement traditional education for today’s students.
Special Needs
Teaching special needs students presents a special challenge. Watch these videos to get great ideas you can incorporate in your lessons.
    1. **The Sound of Learning: Albano Berberi**. Learn how assistive technology can enhance learning through the experience of this blind high school student.
    2. **Koosh Balls in the Classroom**. Watch as a teacher incorporates Koosh balls in her classroom for children with learning disabilities.
    3. **School Matters–Coping with Bereavement**. Learn how schools can make a difference while helping students deal with bereavement.
    4. **Inclusion**. The students of this class tell how they include a student who has leukemia in their class because she isn’t able to come to school.
    5. **Beautiful Minds–The Einstein Effect**. This is an hour-long video program, but well worth watching if you work with children on the autism spectrum in any of your classes.
    6. **Edutopia AT Video**. Find out what type of assistive technology is available for students with special needs, and learn how this technology can change the learning experience for some students.
Creative Techniques
From Power Teaching to classroom Jeopardy, these creative techniques are sure to spark your imagination and help you find interesting ways to reach your students.
    1. **Peace helpers: PS 24**. Learn how this public school in Brooklyn incorporates conflict resolution in their curriculum to enhance learning for all the students.
    2. **It’s Personal: Chile’s San Luis Beltran School**. Find out how this school teaches students to be responsible for their own work while allowing them to work at their own pace. This video is in Spanish with English subtitles.
    3. **Classroom–Jepordy**. Yes, someone spelled it wrong, but despite the spelling mistake, see how much these students enjoy playing Jeopardy in class.
    4. **The Global Dimension: Walter Payton College Prep High School**. This math, science, and world language magnet school brings the global community into their school to enhance learning.
    5. **Power Teaching’s Classroom Management System: 6th Grade (1)**. Watch this teacher get her whole class engaged in learning about orders of operation.
    6. **11 Year Old Power Teaching! Amazing!!** This girl leads the classroom in a dynamic lesson. Certainly both teacher and students are learning here.
    7. **Developing Minds: Learning How to Rebuild a Town**. Juniors and seniors combine economics and government to learn how to put together urban development plans. Find out about this program available nationally.
    8. **Messages of Peace**. This teacher took 1st graders’ art and messages of peace and compiled them in a way to make an impact beyond the classroom.
    9. **Around-the-Clock Learning: John Spry Community School**. Find out how this school shifted their schedule and spread education beyond the typical school days to help the students get ahead.
    10. **Grid Method of Multiplication**. Watch as this student demonstrates a way to do large-number multiplication easily.
Videos Made by Students
These videos are all made by students themselves. Watch these videos to allow the students to teach the teacher.
    1. **Being Different is a Solution, Not a Problem**. These students explain why diversity is important to them.
    2. **Room 241 News**. Watch these students on their own newscast straight from room 241.
    3. **Don’t Laugh at Me**. This video was created by 4th graders to combat teasing and arguing occurring in their classroom.
    4. **Cheer for the Order of Operations**. Math and cheerleading come together in this video created by students.
    5. **Idioms in ASL Back Seat Driver**. Watch as these students use video creatively to describe the idiom of "back seat driver" in ASL.
    6. **Strut and Stroll**. These students created this video as a way to raise funds for their Special Olympics event. It may inspire you to help your students’ fundraising.
    7. **If I Were President of the United States**. See how these students can take their civics lesson beyond their classroom and teach us all.
    8. **We See Animals Hiding**. Technology and science come together for these 2nd graders in their video project about animals and camouflage.
    9. **Buy Our Cereal, Please!** These 2nd graders create their own commercials after studying economics in their class.
    10. **Graffiti in my classroom**. Both the video and the graffiti are part of a class project done by four students. The music may not be appropriate for all audiences, so you might want to mute the volume.
Teachers Say
Find out what these teachers have to offer. All of these videos provide advice from teachers who have already implemented these ideas with great results.
    1. **Routine in the classroom**. This teacher explains what she means by routine and why it’s important to the students and teacher alike.
    2. **SMART Board in Action**. This real-life demonstration offers an easy-to-understand tutorial for using a SMART board.
    3. **Approach to teaching**. New teachers can learn tips from this experienced teacher.
    4. **Literature Circles**. These teachers demonstrate how to conduct a literature circle using a popular book.
    5. **What is a pbwiki?** These teachers describe what a wiki is and how wikis can be useful in the classroom.
    6. **Classroom Quick Start Ideas**. Find out some great suggestions for getting started first thing in the morning or when switching between lessons.
    7. **Erosion Science Lesson**. This experienced teacher explains how she teaches erosion to her middle school students.
    8. **RSS in Plain English**. Teachers, you can learn why you should use RSS and how to do it. Save time by incorporating RSS for any web reading done in your classes.
    9. **Make Classroom Posters with Microsoft Excel**. Learn how to make super-sized posters easily with an Excel spreadsheet.
    10. **PowerPoints that Rock**. This PowerPoint demonstrates exactly how effective you should aim for your presentation to be.
Classrooms on the News
These classrooms have all been featured on the news due to their extraordinary experiences. Find out why and get inspired to make your own news in the classroom.
    1. **World War II Exhibit in H.S. Classroom**. Learn how this teacher put together a World War II exhibit by using the students’ family members’ war memorabilia.
    2. **Classrooms of the Future in Athens**. Learn about how these classrooms were transformed by a technology grant and see if you might be able to get one for your school.
    3. **Dancing with Rochester’s Teachers — Shana Conheady in the Classroom**. Find out why this music teacher is so popular and become inspired for your own classes.
    4. **5 Investigates Same Sex Classrooms**. Same sex classrooms are becoming more popular across the nation. Find out why and see if it might make a difference for your approach to teaching.
    5. **Astronaut Brings Space Quilt Back to Houston Classroom**. Learn how art and science meet with this amazing class project.
    6. **Using Community as Part of Classroom**. This segment of a larger series of using the community as a tool for teaching describes how teachers can incorporate cemeteries as a tool for history, math, genealogy, symbolism, and more.
    7. **Pudge Gets a New Home**. With the class pet in need, these science students learn about fundraising and civics. Find out how in this news report.
    8. **Strength Movement in the Classroom**. This school focuses on students’ strengths in order to help them overcome their shortcomings in education. Maybe you can use this idea to help students in your classroom.
    9. **Holland Patent students move the classroom outside**. Using a McDonald’s grant, this teacher takes his science class outside to study the process of making maple syrup.
    10. **Kids Using Yoga to Help Prepare for State Math Exam**. Teachers discover that yoga can benefit students by helping them calm and focus their minds before testing. They also discovered that since implementing the yoga, they have not had any behavior referrals.
Just for Fun
Enjoy these videos for the fun they provide as they remind you why you teach…or make you question why you do.
    1. **The Essence of Teaching**. Film students show how cell phones and classrooms just don’t mix.
    2. **Pacman Invades Classroom**. Well…this is one way to make sure your students don’t fall asleep in class.
    3. **The Greatest Teacher**. This fun video uses The Sound of Music as an example of good teaching techniques.
    4. **Ma and Pa Kettle Division**. The math in this funny clip will send your head reeling…and may make you doubt what you know.
    5. **Picasso**. This beautiful video montage of Picasso faces is both inspiring and thought-provoking.
    6. **Classroom Rules**. Rapping seems to be the popular video method of teachers and police officers alike. Watch this policeman rap an important school rule.
    7. **The perils of the teacher-centered classroom**. Learning French has never been so boring. Be sure you don’t use this teaching method with your students.
    8. **How NOT to Use PowerPoint**. This hilarious video illustrates exactly what you don’t want to do while creating your PowerPoint presentation.
    9. **Be Kind to Your Erasers**. This silly video shot by an art class shows what happens when you don’t treat your erasers with care.
    10. **New Math**. This funny video will get your brain working and help you realize how students must feel when they start learning math.
    11. **I Love Lucy in Paris A Matter of Translation**. Anyone who’s taken or taught a foreign language class can appreciate the humor of this scene.