Cool Things You Can Do With Youtube

Override. Download. Link. Embed.
  • Once you find the material you need, you can download, link to, or embed the content. Also, when getting the embed code, you may need to check the box for the old embed code in YouTube.
  • Be flexible in your method of delivery. You can add clips to presentations, Edmodo, and wikis.
  • Clips save time. Instead of showing the whole movie, you deliver targeted content to your audience.

Ways To Use YouTube Videos In The Classroom:
  • Warm Ups/Bell Ringers
  • Writing Prompts
  • Illustrations
  • Lesson Intros or Transitions
  • Guided Activities

They can even be used in the elementary classroom!

Check out a couple of ELA examples :


North by Northwest Clip


The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

How to download video clips from YouTube:
  • Locate a video clip on YouTube.
  • Copy the URL of the video
  • Go to Keepvid and paste into the Download window...then click Download.
  • This will generate a list of file sizes available for download; select one and download.

Video Mash Up Projects

Romantic Comedy or Suspense Thriller?

Steps for Video Mashup Project:

1. Look at sample mashups for inspiration, and come up with an idea of your own.
2. Find the existing content you want to mashup.
3. Collect and digitize the segments you want to work with.
4. Edit your mashup video
5. Add music, effects and titles

Jan Perry of Southwest ISD has created a great project using YouTube movie clips.Movie Mashup Trailers

Other Resources for Videos:

Your Assignment:

Working in groups of two or three, use the following 5 clips to create a short movie trailer of your own.

1. Access the content at YouTube.
2. Decide on the concept or story you would like to illustrate. Select at least two of the clips you believe will best help you share this information
3. Go to

to download the clips you have selected.
4. Import the clips into iMovie.
5. Cut the clips and rearrange. Add titles, transitions, and sound.
6. Save and upload video to this wiki on this page.
7. Share with the class.

Cool Things You Can Do With YouTube

How to Upload to the Wiki

1. In iMovie, from the Share menu, select Share. Click the icon for QuickTime and compress the movie for Web use.
2. Click Share and then save the file to your desktop.
3. In Wikispaces, click Edit on this page.
4. An Edit Window will appear. Place your cursor on the line following the Our Movies heading. Click the icon for File.
5. Click Upload Files and select your file from the desktop.
6. Click Open and wait for the file to upload.
7. Select your file once it appears and click on it. It will be added to the page.
8. Click Save at the top of this page.

How to Embed from YouTube

1. Upload your movie to YouTube and copy the embed code.
2. In Wikispaces, click Edit on this page.
3. An Edit Window will appear. Place your cursor on the line following the Our Movies heading on this page. Click the icon for Widget.
4. From the menu on the left, select the icon for Video.
5. Select YouTube then paste the embed code in the box. Save.
6. Click Save at the top of this page.